15 Tips to Impress Your Russian Girl on the First Date

By Admin on September 7, 2017

Russian girls are special. Therefore, there are special ways to impress them. If you wish to start dating Russian women, it is essential for you to be able to impress a Russian girl. In the following guide you will be given 15 helpful tips on how to impress a Russian girl on a first date.

How to Impress a Russian girl

1 Be Confident

As usual with dating, confidence is the key. All women like confident men. Russian girls are especially weak for this feature and they seek it in men they meet. You should express confidence with everything you have and everything you do. Look and act confident. Confidence is naturally very attractive. When dating Russian women you are more likely to achieve success if you’re confident enough.

2 Work on Your Appearance and Look Good

To impress a Russian girl you need to start with your looks. You should prepare for the dates and use clothes you are comfortable to wear. Don’t change your wardrobe or buying habits because of your date. Wear what you usually wear but pay attention and try looking as best as you can. General advice about your looks suggests you to look clean and tidy. You should also wear clothes that you are familiar with because it can make you feel more comfortable.

3 Be Creative

Impressing a Russian girl requires you to be creative. Start by making a creative approach organizing your date. Instead of sticking to a more traditional visit to a restaurant, choose going to a gallery or visit a fair. How you spend time during your date has a significant effect on how the date ends. In order for your date to be exciting, be creative in your attitude. Your dating partner would certainly not like being bored. Exciting and spectacular, events, though, can make your date more successful.

4 Communicate

The secret of a successful date lies in communication. Dating is, essentially, about communication. You and your dating partner measure each other in the process of communication. It is thanks to dialogues and also non-verbal communication that you and your partner become familiar with each other.

5 Be a Good Listener and Don’t Interrupt

To impress a Russian women you need to be interesting to talk to. Women like when you’re a good listener but they also enjoy when you have something interesting to say. During dating you should keep this balance between speaking and listening.

Never interrupt your partner on a date. You should also express interest in what a girl you’re meeting has to say. Ask her questions and don’t switch the conversation on yourself instead.

6 Your Non-Verbal Communication

You never communicate with anybody only via dialogue. Keep in mind the importance of non-verbal communication. Your facial expressions, gestures, your pose, and mimics also express information. The girls you date may also make conclusions depending on your non-verbal ways of communication. Try avoiding rubbing your hands or shaking your head all the time. Smile to show your openness and express gratitude. It is generally advised not to make harsh and sudden moves because it makes other people nervous. Tone of your voice also matters and can influence what your girl thinks about you.

7 Make Her a Present

Russian girls like presents very much. If you want to impress a Russian woman, you better make her a present. It shouldn’t necessarily be something expensive and valuable. Just bring her something she could like. Remember that people always react positively when given presents. Making a present can be seen as a token which speaks for your good intentions.

8 Use Eye-Contact

Eye-contact is very important, especially on a first date. It is appropriate for you to make a direct eye-contact for no longer than 3 second. Otherwise it could seem awkward and strange. Try practicing to make eye-contact on random strangers on the street. Keep in mind that people become suspicious of those who avoid looking in the eyes. It is important for you to keep balance between long romantic gazes and brief occasional look in the eyes.

9 Respect Your Dating Partner

It is crucial for you to respect your dating partner. Russian women especially demand their partners to respect their individuality. Try to reassure the girl you’re dating that you respect her. Russian women are very independent and have strong identities. They prefer their men to share their interests, ideas, and opinions. Therefore, be ready to open to the Russian girl you’re dating so she could open to you as well. Treat Russian women carefully and attentively because it can easily improve your chances of success.

10 Tell About Yourself

One of the most important things you should do when dating Russian women is to attract them to yourself. The best way for you to do it is to make a good impression by passionately telling about yourself, your life, and interests. You should make the girl you date to like you. To attract her you should tell about yourself so she could know you better.

11 Don’t Lie

You should be the real you. Don’t embarrass yourself and never lie. Always tell the truth. Lying will only cause you more trouble in the future. Tell about the things you’re proud of. Tell about your achievements, goals, desires, views, etc. Be brief but precise. Remember to stay passionate because, essentially, you’re telling the story of your life and of who you are. So, act as if your fate depends on the story’s success.

12 Work Out

Dating counselors advise you to work out. It can significantly improve your appearance by making you look healthier, stronger, and sexier. Consider visiting gym at least twice a week for a couple hours. Even little exercise can make a difference. You’d certainly be glad knowing you look good and feel good.

13 How to Impress a Girl on a First Date

A lot depends on the first date. If you’re asking how to impress a girl on a first date, then it is important for you not to think of sex the first day as success. A lot of men treat a date as failure if is doesn’t involve sex. Keep in mind that it is wrong to grade the success of your date that way. The best first dates usually end with a kiss.

14. You should make physical contact on a first date. It can be hugs or kisses but you can also simply take each other’s hands.

15. Russian women dating pay a lot to a first. Remember to make all possible effort, be confident, and present yourself in the best possible way.