Best Places to Meet Russian Ladies

By Admin on November 21, 2016

It’s a well-known fact that Russian women make great wives. Many men from different corners of the world want to meet and date Russian ladies for a number of reasons. First of all, these girls are gorgeous. Their natural beauty and femininity make them unbelievably charming. Secondly, they are family-oriented. It means that their families are always more important than their careers. More and more foreigners wonder where they can meet Russian women. There are two possible options: to go straight to Russia or to meet them online.

How to Meet a Russian Girl Online

One of the best places to meet Russian women is online dating sites. They have become very popular these days because this is a very convenient way of meeting potential dates. You approach a woman online, you chat, get to know each other, and then meet in real life. Some dating websites are focused specifically on Russian dating. It means that all women registered on those sites come from Slavic countries. You just create your profile and start browsing through women’s profile. Once you come across a woman who got you interested, write her. Your first letter should be attention-grabbing because Russian girls receive a lot of messages from different men, so you need to stand out. Study the information she included in her profile and look through her photos. You’ll get a general idea of what kind of person she is, her hobbies, and interests. You can start your chat with a compliment on her particular feature of appearance or with pointing out that you have similar tastes. Once you struck up a conversation, keep it going. Don’t correspond for too long: when you feel that you start falling for this person, agree to get in touch via video call. Face to face communication is more effective since you can see your interlocutor and her reactions and emotions. Thus, an online dating site is a great place where you can date a Russian girl. If you both feel connected, you can plan your trip to Russia.

Places to Meet a Russian Lady in Real Life

If you happen to come to Russia in searches of a future wife, you may wonder where you can find the appropriate women. When approaching girls in real life, you should be ready for rejection because you can’t be sure that a woman you chat up is single or open for new meetings. However, you should always try since there are a lot of single ladies in Russia. Here are some places where you can encounter Russian girls.



You’ll be swept off your feet by a number of beautiful girls passing you by in the street. Russian women like to dress up and they pay much attention to their looks. It’s not considered weird to approach women during the day. Moreover, you shouldn’t think that stunning appearance of Russian ladies means that they are proud and unapproachable. You can start your conversation in a very casual way. For example, you’re walking through the park and see a beautiful woman. Come up to her and ask her to help you find your way. If she speaks English (and most Russian girls do), she’ll gladly help you.

Shopping mall


Shopping malls are always full of women walking leisurely from one store to another. Usually, women come there with their female friends. However, many of them go solo. Another advantage of shopping malls is that male audience is minimal there. So, all you need to do is to find an excuse for approaching a woman. You can offer to help her carry her heavy bags or ask where a particular store is.



If you like going to night clubs, then try to meet a Russian girl at one. Let’s be honest girls go there not only to dance but also to meet new people. You go there with the same aim, so you already have a lot in common. A dance or drink is a great excuse to start your interaction.