A First Date with a Russian Lady: 7 Things to Consider

By Admin on July 31, 2017

Every man can sooner or later face "the first-date jitters". Even the old womanizer can experience this disgusting feeling when you think that you'll spoil everything, and you have only one chance against a billion. Worrying does not come out of anywhere. All the girls without exception increase their requirements for men from year to year because men become less understanding. That’s how most women think. But in fact, the anxiety caused by the first date with a girl is quite justified. There is a big difference between dating and picking a girl up for one night. The latter ends only with the satisfaction of natural needs and a date is something more (in perspective). In order not to fail this important mission and move on to the next stage with Russian women dating, it is necessary to take into account some first date advice.

Ask her on a date.

If you want to date a Russian girl, you should ask her out. Reread this line. It doesn’t matter what great first date ideas you have and what a surprise you want to make for her, the girl must understand where she is going and why she is going there. So, if you want to date a Russian woman, you should show that you have feelings for her and not just want to play bowling or go to the movies with her. If you do not disclose your intentions at the very beginning of the relationship then you have a great chance to be in the friend zone forever, Russian girls know how to be good friends. Are you dreaming about that? After all, it is better to get a refusal than to be "just a friend" to the girl you like very much. In addition, you should be honest with her because otherwise, your relationship can become more than chilly.

By the way, it would be better to give flowers at the invitation stage. You know that a bunch of wonderful flowers is a must on the first date with Russian girls, don’t you? There are two reasonable causes for presenting flowers before the date itself: 1) when you give flowers on the date, you are doomed to bear the bouquet and this reduces your ability to gesticulate (if she bears it, she will also feel uncomfortable); 2) you can order the delivery of flowers, placing a note with an invitation in the bouquet. If you are looking for first date ideas, you can use this conservative but not less romantic one. Such things say that you are serious, erasing any ambiguity.

Make a checking call in advance.

The "four hours rule" tells you that you can make a call the girl in 4 hours before the beginning of the date, and ask if her plans for this evening have not changed. It’s very useful rule with any girl. If her plans have changed, you will get valuable information and some spare time to make another call (maybe your close friends don’t have any plans for the night). If her plans have not changed and she is preparing for the date, she will be pleased that you are so interested in this date with her.

Don’t forget your wallet at home.

The person who asks another person out, pays the bill, especially if you are a man who asks a girl out. It’s one of the unspoken rules, telling that a man should pay for dinner, an amusement park and some bread for feeding the ducks on the lake, no matter how "independent and self-sustaining" the girl seems to you. It is important! And it's not the rules of decency but your chivalry in providing the opportunity to feel herself a girl of whom you are ready to take care. Money is an important element in preparing for a date wherever you are going to go. Even if you are going to pay the restaurant in advance and take some money with you, then take some extra just in case. The bill can be higher, and you can get into an awkward situation when the girl will be embarrassed to pay the bill for a barely familiar guy. Sharing the bill is not one of the best things to talk about on a first date.

Think about the route in advance.

It is advisable to warn the girl in advance about the place where you are going to go in order not be going to skate, and eventually go to a restaurant. If you think about Russian girls dating, you should know that unlike guys, girls dress differently for different occasions. Just choose the place in advance. Spontaneous decisions are good but not for dates, especially for the first one. The girl, in fact, will also make some preparations and your crazy turns at 180 degrees may seem terrible, at least because she will feel awkward in an elite restaurant, wearing a casual dress.

Also, remember that a romantic mood can be created not only in expensive places but also in the country. A good assistant in this matter can become music, but it should be chosen wisely. Do not rely on the tastes of the girl (you can make a mistake, choosing something), and do not surely rely on your musical taste especially if you like black metal. Choose the time-tested hits, sounded in the snottiest moments of Hollywood movies, the directors did not just put this music in there. For example, you can use a mobile vibration box. You can fix it in advance in an inconspicuous place (but there must be a flat surface: a window, a table, a cardboard box, a hood) to surprise the girlfriend with music in the middle of the park. Do not turn it on loudly, you can frighten her.

Put on the best outfit you have.

Any guy should take care of his appearance on the first date but the main thing is not to overdo. The first date is an important moment in the relationship between two people, almost like a wedding and a joint viewing of the first season of the "Game of Thrones". And the Russian girl will make special preparations to please you: put on the best shoes and dress, make a manicure, makeup and hair, use the best perfume. She will expect you to appreciate her efforts. And if she does not see a brutal man at that very moment but a one who has not tried to look good to meet her, she will be seriously upset. You should also put on the best clothes in your wardrobe if you want to make a good impression and get a kiss on first date.

Be brave but not drunk.

Some men have a tradition to drink a little before meeting a girl. This thought seems to be sensible, but you do not need alcohol to be confident. The potential danger of drinking before a date is obvious: you may be met as a drunken and insolent stranger. The smell will be quite strong even if you drink only one shot, especially if you drink cheap booze. You know that alcohol abuse is a problem in the motherland of Russian girls, so don’t make them feel deceived and frustrated. It's funny that many guys feel that they can invite a girl on a date only when they drink a little. You will understand with practice that you can feel confident without drinking, especially with Russian girls.

Do not worry too much.

In general, the first date is not a flight into space and it does not take months to prepare for it. The simpler it goes the better. Do not be nervous about what to do on a first date. This is not the end of the world. You can find many different variants on the Internet. You might have many dates in your life and excessive excitement can reduce the joy of what is happening around you. It is possible that a date is a test for a man, but it is also a test for a woman. So, besides trying to look amazing and to seem to be perfect, try just to enjoy the company of a wonderful Russian girl. Keep it simple and carpe diem.