Best Places in Russia to Look for Russian Girls

By Admin on May 30, 2017

Large cities in Russia, such as Moscow, Peter and Ekaterinburg, are very popular among adult travelers. In 2017, St. Petersburg was included in the list of top ten most interesting cities in the world, which are worth a visit at least once in life. But time is passing, the world is changing, and with it tourist trends are changing. Today, Russia attracts fans of noisy youth parties, connoisseurs of ancient architecture and history, and even those who want to find their love among Russian brides. If you are reading this article, most likely, you are among the last of the above categories. We will tell you which places are worth a visit and where you can meet Russian women who are looking for new acquaintances.


There are a lot of attractions in Moscow, that can not be seen in few days. But what if you can not spend more than a day or two on a walk around Moscow? The answer is simple: start with the Kremlin. This recognizable symbol of Russia is something like a generalizing cultural and historical portrait of Moscow. You can make a walk through its vast territory, take a few pictures with Russian girls as a memory near the Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, go to the Diamond Fund and the Armory Chamber. In addition, if it rains suddenly, then you will have enough time to move from one museum of the Kremlin to another and this will not bore you for sure.

After sightseeing the Kremlin you can visit the majestic Cathedral of Christ the Savior. This temple was built as a token of gratitude to the Lord for the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812. This cult building symbolizes the victory of Russian arms over the enemy and it is a memorial to those who gave their lives for their homeland.

If you want to make new acquaintances with the Russian ladies , then you should visit one of the many nightclubs in Moscow. Almost all of them are very high quality, with excellent cuisine and a huge selection of music programs. One of these places is the Garage Club. A legendary place among party people around the world. Girls just love this place! Dating Russian women often starts from this club.

St. Petersburg

One of the most significant sights of the city on the Neva is the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral. If you will reach the top of it, you will be able to see "city of Peter" from the height of the bird's flight. In general, there are many little-known places in St. Petersburg where you can contemplate the incredible panorama of the Northern capital, but they are inaccessible to a foreigner without an experienced guide.

Be sure to stroll along Nevsky Prospekt. You can meet Russian women without husbands or boyfriends there.This is an amazing place, that can resemble the famous Montmartre, but it attracts with its uniqueness and identity. The ideal time for a walk is evening. The ideal company for a walk is a beautiful Russian girl who will tell you the history of this city.

Where can I meet Russian girls for walks in St. Petersburg? In fact, it's not that hard. Local residents are open to new acquaintances, they are hospitable and sociable. Local people very like to gather in bars. There are a lot of them in the Northern capital. The best of them have unique concepts, so you will have plenty to choose from. We recommend the jazz bar "The Hat" and a bar for fans of literature "Dead poets". Both of them are good options if you are looking for intellectual dating Russian girls.


Ekaterinburg is another tourist "pearl" of Russia. Very interesting and unique city. Start off on your journey with Plotinka. Plotinka is a place for meetings and partings. It is here, where the most interesting things happen in Ekaterinburg and you can find a Russian girl to have a good time with. Students like to come here, make appointments in love, and the newlyweds like to spend evenings here. Behind all of them are monuments of de Genin and Tatishchev, the founders of the city, who ordered the construction of a dam on the Iset River in 1723. Actually, this is the beginning of the construction of Ekaterinburg.

Your chances of making a new acquaintance are very great on Plotinka, especially in the evening. The picturesque landscape and the magical atmosphere of this place will provide you with a long romantic conversation. Come and see it for yourself! You will find a Russian woman from your dreams, that is for sure.