How to attract a real Russian lady

By Admin on March 05, 2017 girl-attractes

Unfortunately, not all men are able to attract the attention of females. Most young people do not understand how to attract a Russian girl they like, what to talk about and in what ways to generate interest when they first meet. Some men regard the lack of interested female glances as arrogance.

All girls are different; if they all were the same, you would not be interested in this particular one, isn’t it? There are many ways of attracting a Russian girl, but there are still basic rules that will help you attract a decent woman. 

Neat appearance

This is the first point of what girls find attractive and on what they always pay attention. There are no specific rules in choosing clothes. You just need to look neat, be clean-shaven, have clean hair.

Be very particular about hygiene. Always smell and look nice, so have a shower regularly because girls like well-groomed guys.

Start to do sports. Note that it is important, but don’t overdo; if you have too much muscle, it must give the impression that you’re more interested in the gym, not the relationship.

Pleasant communication

The success of the attracting a Russian woman largely depends on a good communication. Try to be a gentle and relaxed conversationalist. A confident young man who knows how to be interesting to the girl, in any case, will attract attention. You always should have a couple of good stories. Stories can be different: about travel, sport, even about the work.

During the first meeting take an active interest in her personality: girls like when all the attention is concentrated on their person.

Find out who is her favorite comedian or comedy. If you both relax and enjoy the company of each other, you will begin to laugh in a natural way. The more she laughs, the more she wants to laugh with you and spend more and more time together.

Good manners

What more do Russian girls find attractive? Most women pay attention to different things. Therefore, young people should not forget about the basic rules of courtship. Show courtesy and care to the girl: open doors for her, help to put a coat on her shoulders, offer a hand leaving the transport and exclude obscene expression from your speech. Just a little practice and you will be surprised that asked how to attract girls!


When you are flirting, you remind that you are not only a good friend but also an attractive guy. When you see or meet her, look in her eyes and smile. Start an ordinary, playful conversation and look at her reaction.

Enjoy a communication with that attractive and interesting girl you met on your way. Do not say anything that may seem too explicit or offensive. Most likely, a girl is trying to please you too.

Make compliments. If you really like someone, you probably like lot things in that person. Why not tell her? Most girls like to hear compliments about what sets them apart from other girls. Attracting a Russian lady, don’t tell her too often that she is beautiful. If she is very pretty, it is likely that a lot of guys told her about it; it may seem to her a formulaic phrase.

Basic mistakes

  1. Trying to be better than you really are.
  2. Talking a lot about oneself, enumerating the merits, not giving the girl a chance to say at least something.
  3. Or on the contrary to be silent all the time.
  4. Talking on trivial topics, saying stereotypical phrases.
  5. To have an unscrupulous appearance.

Using the tips above, you will sooner or later understand what you have to do to please every girl. You will see that it is quite simple and such question as “how to attract a girl” will not be a problem anymore.